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Friday, October 14, 2005

Henk went to the doctor today. Scott, the “Buell go-to-guy” at Santa Fe Harley Davidson tightened his clanking primary chain and found the problem with the signal lights. After some tinkering and an oil change, he’s as good as new. While Henk was under Scott’s expert care, I snuck out for a little spin on Ulysses. John, the sales manager, wasn’t going to let me take him for a test ride because policy states that you must live in New Mexico. But after I convinced him that I do, in fact, live in New Mexico this week, and after I’d entertained him with stories of my four-month odyssey, an exception was made.

I knew I’d love him. He’s like Henk’s much more refined, slightly more forgiving, and definitely taller uncle. Hmm…What’s a girl to do? There was no way for John to know my feelings, having just met me, so when he uttered the blasphemous phrase, “We could take your bike on a trade,” I managed to hold back my deeply possessive crazy woman’s scream, “Noooooooooooo!” and politely let him know that was not an option. Thank god Henk was not within earshot! But Ulysses is soooo smoooooth. And he could take on the Dempster Highway in his sleep. I know he’ll be in my fantasies.

Is it possible to love two motorbikes? Hmm…I think so. I think my heart is big enough now for two bikes, a dog, a cat, several men, and a whole entire universe of beautiful spirits. Apparently, the Land of Enchantment can do that to you. Now, if only I can tap into that expansive New Mexico energy and get my bank account to swell…


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